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Kas Bordier sitting at the table and reading a book

In the constantly changing world of health, I help you understand the latest, so you can feel your greatest.

We don’t value health until we’re sick.

For most of my life, health had been a dream out of reach. I almost died at birth, my sister had epilepsy, and raised by a single (superwoman) Mum in Poland, we were not healthy, or wealthy.

I studied hard, got a scholarship in Vienna, a great job in London, my career was soaring, but my health was declining again.

My Mum said “you almost died at birth, everything now is a privilege.”
I decided to make better use of my life. From being sick as a kid, I’ve always felt at home in hospitals. So I dove headfirst into the world of health technology, longevity and headed to Asia. It opened my eyes to the power of Eastern medicine, especially when you balance it with western medicine and technology breakthroughs.

Now I’m healthy, I value it even more. And helping others feel so much better is a dream come true”

_ kas bordier

In our busy lives we tend to listen to every body except our own. So we miss the warning signs.

A close up of a female person's face. The person looking straight at the camera

When your body is trying to tell you something, one conversation can change everything. People don’t understand what’s out there that their body is asking for. And that moving from feeling OK to phenomenal is actually easier than you think.

Don’t wait for the wake-up call. You can feel ideal health now, and your body will thank you for it.

Two person's arms with a white cream spread on their skin

Feel better in every aspect of your life.

A person swimming in a pool with a view on a sea
Live life fully
prevent sickness, exude wellness
A female person among bushes standing with eyes closed
You feel amazing
and others see it in you
A person standing in the Vrksasana pose on top of a hill with a view on mountains during sunrise
A greater connection
to yourself, work and family

Start feeling phenomenal.

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